Who We Are

Vision Statement


The vision of Learn To Read is to be the premier independent organization for adult literacy in NH, to inspire the population it serves, to embrace the art of tutoring reading, and to make a postiive impact in the community. 


Mission Statement


Learn To Read, an Accredited ProLiteracy America Affiliate, is a non-profit organization whose trained volunteers provide free instruction for adult learners in basic literacy skills and empower them to achieve their goals.


Value Statement


To achieve our Vision and carry out our Vision and Mission Statements, the board members and staff aspire to exemplify the following values:


Excellence ~ Professionalism ~ Teamwork ~ Integrity ~ Compassion ~ Commitment


We believe the ability to read and write is critical to personal freedom and the maintenance of a democratic society. If you agree, help us to increase the literacy skills of adults in our community through donations, volunteering, and awareness.