Our Mission
 Learn To Read, an accredited ProLiteracy America Affiliate, is a non-profit organization whose trained volunteer tutors provide free instruction for adult learners in basic literacy skills and empower them to achieve their goals.

The People We Serve

People with low-level literacy skills face challenges daily. Simple tasks like reading product labels, following street signs, understanding instructions, or paying bills can be frustrating and even scary. Their biggest fear, however, is being found out. That is how nearly 400,000 New Hampshire adults become invisible – they hide their problem so that even their best friends or family may not know.

 The Issues

Limited literacy skills and fear of being judged may prevent people from reaching their full potential as employees, parents, community members, and citizens. People who lack literacy skills come from all social and economic backgrounds.

90 million Americans

have trouble reading and writing.


More than 40 million function at the lowest literacy level.


Many cannot complete a job application, read a newspaper or read a book to their children.